Hotel Kasbah Azalay Zone

Kasbah Azalay | Hotel & Bivouac – Merzouga

Swimming pool area of Hotel Kasbah Azalay

Location Hotel Kasbah Azalay is a charming guest house located in the village of Merzouga in Morocco. The kasbah is surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Sahara desert, making it a calm and authentic place for travelers who want to experience Moroccan culture and life in the desert.

The Kasbah has comfortable and cozy rooms, all decorated in Moroccan style and equipped with a private bathroom. In addition, there is an outdoor swimming pool and a terrace with panoramic views of the desert and the nearby sand dunes.

Guests can enjoy delicious Moroccan meals at the hotel’s restaurant, which uses fresh and local ingredients. Various activities are also offered, such as camel rides, 4×4 excursions, trekking in the desert, traditional music and a bonfire under the stars.

In summary, Zona Hotel Kasbah Azalay is a quiet and charming place to stay during your visit to Merzouga, especially if you are interested in experiencing the culture and beauty of the Sahara desert.

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