Kasbah Azalay restaurant

Kasbah Azalay | Hotel & Bivouac – Merzouga

Kasbah Azalay restaurant

The Kasbah Azalay restaurant is an integral part of this charming guest house located in the village of Merzouga in Morocco. It offers an authentic gastronomic experience of the region, using fresh and local ingredients.

The restaurant is decorated in Moroccan style and has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a variety of traditional Moroccan dishes, including tagines, couscous, meat and fish skewers, as well as a selection of fresh salads and desserts.

The restaurant staff are friendly and welcoming, and are available to assist guests with their food choices and to provide information on the dishes and local culinary culture.

In summary, the Kasbah Azalay restaurant is an ideal place to experience delicious Moroccan cuisine in an authentic and relaxed atmosphere during your stay in Merzouga.

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